Viseca is the largest issuer of debit and credit cards in Switzerland and is known for its white-label payment app. The app has 1 million MAUs, almost 70% NPS promoters, and an iOS App Store rating of 4.7/5.

Product Designer

The challenge

Due to new regulations, Viseca expected increased competition in the market for credit cards. Viseca's competitive advantage lied in digital services. To increase the focus on their core, the organisation was divided in two; one for credit card issuing and one for digital services. My task was to design the new website for digital services.

Viseca provides digital services mainly through their app. It was one of the first payment apps in the Swiss market integrating Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Encouraging users to use the app instead of the web portal would increase the chances of a lock-in effect, create high switching costs of competitive offerings, and enable Viseca to phase out the outdated web portal.

Our objective was to increase the number of loyal users as well as the number of app downloads through the website.



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Self-service with a search-driven FAQ

A significant cost driver for Viseca was the high amount of calls and emails to their customer support. With the new website, we aimed to decrease the need for support by improving self-service.

I designed the website based on data-informed hypotheses derived from Hotjar, Google Analytics, secondary research through customer support representatives, as well as foundational user research. Our main bet for a viable, feasible, and delightful self-service feature was a search-driven FAQ.

Increased brand loyalty and cohesion

Throughout 2020, data collection was a business-critical topic for all digital players in Switzerland. With the new design of the data protection and privacy policy — perhaps the part of websites commonly getting the least attention — we did ensure that we complied with GDPR.

We created a visual expression communicating transparency and honesty. With this, we supported the overarching objective of increased brand loyalty and resembled the branding of the white-label app.

Features for the iOS & Android apps

Several features that I designed for the iOS & Android app together with the team at Viseca are in development. The main challenges that I worked on were to
- help users feel in control of their spendings when using credit cards,
- enable self-service in the app, and
- communicate feature announcements.

I also led design in a dual-agile track for a strategic peer-to-peer and peer-to-merchant bet. Its realisation would merge two of the largest digital payment providers in Switzerland and increase their potential user bases with up to 50-100% respectively. Stay tuned for the launch!



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