Viseca Card Services

Control your credit card spending

Viseca is one of the largest issuers of payment cards in Switzerland. They offer a dynamically branded web, iOS and Android app to banks and their customers. The user can manage credit cards from a variety of issuers in one single application.


Product Designer




Reduce fear to overspend

In Switzerland, cash is the most commonly used payment method. The Swiss National Bank reported that cash was used for 43% of payments in 2020. 33% of all payments were paid with a debit card and 13% with a credit card.

Our goal was to make users feel more comfortable using credit cards and in control of their spendings.


Research collaboration and iteration through user testing

We collaborated with a team at ETH Zurich. They researched prevention of over-spending through smartphone interventions and had conducted large-scale field tests with users.

From the field tests, we learned that credit card users lowered their expenses when they
a) set a budget, and
b) got regular feedback on their performance in relation to their set budget.

Our hypothesis was that if we could give visual feedback to how the user performed in relation to a set budget, s/he would feel more comfortable using a credit card.

We tested our hypothesis by running early usability tests of a low-fidelity prototype. Based on our findings, we iterated towards a refined design solution.



x Product Designer
x iOS Developers
x Android Developers
x Product Manager
x Marketing Manager
x Legal Advisor

Set a spending target per week or per month and optionally activate feedback through push notification
See the target as a dotted line on top of a graph visualizing spendings
Get encouraging feedback on performance in relation to the set weekly or monthly spending target
See spending per category
Switch between a weekly and monthly overview of spendings
Set a spending target from the landing tab or in the spendings overview

Goal-focused tracking setup

To ensure learning upon release, we collaborated closely with the analytics team before launch. We set up tracking to measure how users activated, used, and performed against a spending target.

Personally, I learned

Viseca Card Services

Control your credit card spending

As the only product designer at Viseca, I led design for their iOS and Android apps.